About Duran & Venables


At Duran & Venables our mission is to be recognized as an honest and fair construction company. Today, these values continue to be an integral part of our daily operation. We will earn this recognition from our people, customers, vendors, competitors, and the industry. “Honest and fair” Stands for our values:

Safety. For the health and well being of our employees and all other associates and partners, we proudly maintain an accident-free and injury-free work environment.

Integrity. At Duran & Venables, our greatest strengths are our people and our workmanship. Integrity is a core value of our people and work – and is never compromised. Our strong business ethics play a key role in how we operate.

Trust. Duran & Venables places trust at the center of its relationships with customers, contractors, subcontractors, associates and team members. Every employee at Duran & Venables conducts business in a trustworthy, ethical manner.

Service. Since 1979, Duran & Venables has operated under the premise that service to the customer always comes first. Our mission is to provide superior service through quality people, projects and processes.

Quality. We are committed to providing quality service, quality people and a quality final project – every time, from start to finish.

In recent years Duran & Venables has implemented a system-wide process of measuring and improving its personnel policies, safety programs, planning and project delivery processes, customer focus, and community support. Winning multiple awards and distinctions for safety and excellence is an example of our commitment to our customers and employees.

Meet Our Team


Duran & Venables team members are some of the most skilled, experienced and genuine people in the industry. Many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade - a reflection of their commitment to the company and to our customers.

Company History


In 1979, with a small fleet of machinery and large ambitions to become the best grading and paving company in Northern California, two young contractors formed a partnership and launched Duran & Venables. Their mission was to build a successful business based on strong work ethics and values, quality people, and outstanding workmanship.

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